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Partner With Us was specifically developed for the Training Industry as a platform where industry partnerships can be formed and where the latest state of the art technology driven blended training can be available.

We are desirous to partner with every level and all persons that can add value to our industry through their knowledge. Therefore, we offer the following.

  • An E – learning platform where Training Providers, Subject matter experts, Moderators, Assessors and OEM equipment suppliers can upload their courseware on the e – learning site and earn money whenever a student enrols on that particular course.
  • Courses can be built modularly and by Unit. Further to this any Media such as video, audio, pictures etc. or our specially developed 3 D Modelled virtual training media can be inserted. This really is state of the art training.
  • We also provide support to help you in the initial stages of uploading courseware and media into your training courses.
  • All training courses can be sold from our e-commerce application where we pay you 80 % on all students that study with your courseware
  • You can decide how many courses you want to market in blocks of 10 at a monthly cost, visit for more information
  • We also guarantee that all intellectual property will be respected and will sign non – disclosure agreement to cover this fully
  • Furthermore, for those of you who have to train in accordance with Driven Machinery Regulations the e – learning site can be used to do theory and the necessary test and quizzes, after which assessment can be done once notional hours for workplace experience is gained
  • We are not a training company but facilitate training for many customers and are often looking for partners that can offer the correct accredited training. We also facilitate the hire of contractors nationally, whether facilitators, assessors, moderators or consultants.
  • Additionally, we offer consulting on skills development issues as well as creating safety management systems and audits.

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  1. Posted by Nigel Shipston Reply

    I currently have a whole range of different Lifting Machinery Operator training materials already approved by TETA. Apart from my own interest, I am also starting a Professional Body for LMO training providers ( ) and the e-learning route may be a product that would assist training providers in the LMO field. I believe Linda from Corporate Courseware was referring to you in her mail regarding this this morning?
    Nigel Shipston

  2. Posted by neelsmuller Reply

    Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for visiting the site, I would appreciate if we could meet and discuss your lifting course ware. We have formed alliances with training companies that are accredited at the different CETA and can offer this training theory through the worskills e – learning and they do the practical assesments and moderate.You can charge for this and the intellectual property stays with you, and we sign an NDA. I am also of the opinion that a professional body (LMO) can be viable. From our site there is a link to workskills portal where we have a social site, register there and check it out. We can help you build a similar site for LMO’S.

    PS. We know one another

    Neels Muller

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